CCRPI: South Fulton Schools by the Numbers

Yesterday, the Georgia Department of Education released the 2018 results for the College and Career Ready Performance Index (CCRPI). The CCRPI, which was redesigned last year, uses an updated calculation approved as part of Georgia’s state plan for the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA). Scores for 2018 are not comparable to any prior year.
According to the data, Fulton County Schools’ performed above the state average. Fulton earned an overall CCRPI district score of 81 for 2018, which is 4.4 points above the state’s score of 76.6.
Fulton’s scores exceeded the state at all levels, with the 2018 high school score of 82.2 showing the largest difference of nearly 7 points above the state’s score of 75.3. The elementary and middle school scores for Fulton were 80.6 and 80, respectively, compared to scores for the state of 77.8 and 76.2.

16 of the “Thriving 30” schools in the South Learning Community saw improvement and were highlighted by Area Superintendent Gyimah Whitaker on social media.
“I am very proud of the achievement and climate of our South Learning Community schools,” said Whitaker. “At the beginning of the year, we refocused our commitment to implement evidence-based strategies to close the achievement gap as indicated by our goal of having no failing schools by 2020.”
“Over the past 2 years we have decreased the number of schools with a CCRPI score below 60 from 18 to 8, and we will continue focusing on the areas where growth is needed. Incremental, steady growth will allow us to embody the purpose of the #ThrivingThirty SLC schools where we are not only impacting the lives of students we serve, but transforming our communities and ultimately our future,” she continued.
Among South Fulton’s highest scoring schools were Westlake High (79.7), Wolf Creek Elementary (74.8), Seaborn Lee Elementary (74.6), Stonewall Tell Elementary (73.9) and A. Philip Randolph Elementary (73.1).
South Fulton schools that saw scores climb above 60 include Oakley Elementary (69.3), Sandtown Middle (68.7), Camp Creek Middle (67.5) and Renaissance Middle (64.1).
In addition to the CCRPI scores, school climate ratings were also released. 45 schools in Fulton earning a five-star rating in 2018, a 50 percent increase over the previous year’s total. Renaissance Middle earned the distinction of being the only school in the South Learning Community to earn five stars. School climate refers to the quality and character of school life, and helps determine whether a school is on the right path to improvement.
In addition to the redesigned CCRPI model, the Georgia Department of Education debuted a redesigned website with a user-friendly interface that allows parents and other stakeholders to access scores easily. Click here for more information and to search the database.
Scores for select schools are available below.

Note: This article has been updated to include a quote from South Learning Community Area Superintendent Gyimah Whitaker.
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