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City Seeks Residents’ Input to Expand Arts and Culture Programming

South Fulton residents will soon get the chance to help shape the city’s arts and culture experience, as well as its parks and recreation programming, through a new master planning process.

The study, informally called Vision 2020, will look at the city’s programming for visual art, drama, music, voice, dance, live performances, services and classes to determine ways to provide world-class programming while preserving the quality of current offerings.

Scheduled to be completed in the spring, the study will give the city’s new Cultural Affairs Division a roadmap of priority initiatives to enhance arts and culture in parks, recreation centers, venues and more than 700 acres of greenspace. The end goal is to create a robust network of historic sites, art galleries, events and festivals for residents and visitors to enjoy.

“We’re taking another step in our commitment to provide our citizens with the quality of life they expect and deserve,” said Parks, Recreation and Cultural Affairs Director Tony M. Phillips. “Continuing the fine cultural programming we already have, while capturing every opportunity to provide more is good for residents and good for our economy because it stimulates development and jobs growth.”

Planning will get underway in January. A citizens’ steering committee is bring formed to help guide public engagement. Community meetings and design charrettes to share information and gather ideas will also be held.

Residents interested in serving on the steering committee should contact Parks and Recreation Program Manager Lakita Ford at [email protected]

Photo: South Fulton residents enjoy an outdoor painting experience at the Taste of Sofu at the Southwest Arts Center.

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