Councilwoman Rowell: District 1 Is Open for Business

While several districts are under a moratorium, barring the acceptance of applications for rezoning and variances, Councilwoman Catherine Foster Rowell wants developers to know that District 1 is open for business.
The councilwoman hosted a District 1 Economic Development Summit and Bus Tour on November 30. She, along with Economic Development Administrator Christopher Pike, highlighted opportunities, incentives and development tools available in the City of South Fulton, including its new development authority.
“I am taking a proactive approach to attract quality businesses to grow the area,” said Rowell. “I know that we can create and sustain businesses when prospective developers and landowners understand the landscape of our community and offer goods and services that the community wants to support.”
South Fulton is the third largest city in the metro area and quickly growing. District 1 alone has over 11,000 residents, rivaling nearby municipalities in size. Rowell emphasized the need to balance the explosive residential growth in the area with high quality commercial and mixed-use development projects.
Mayor William “Bill” Edwards and City Manager Odie Donald II joined Rowell in sharing the wealth of opportunities in the city and welcoming business investment.
“We have so much to offer to you,” said Edwards. “When you leave here you should be excited about the possibilities for growth in our city.”
Business leaders and residents also made a compelling case for the city. Sam Perlman spoke on behalf of Adams & Company Real Estate and shared the details of a project he’s developing at Sandtown & Cascade Crossing, which includes a grocery store set to open in 2020. Steve Langford, senior vice president of investment sales at Ackerman & Co., and also a South Fulton resident, led the bus tour of eight sites and offered insight along the way.
The tour showcased commercial properties for sale in District 1 and land assemblage opportunities to support better and higher uses. Rowell and her constituents have a specific vision for the type of development they’d like to see.
“Looking ahead, I see a number of development opportunities: a variety of sit-down restaurants, recreation and entertainment venues, retail establishments, hotels and convention space along Camp Creek Parkway and a microbrewery along Fulton Industrial,” the councilwoman said. “In the housing space, I would like the city to offer a variety of housing options for our seniors as well as townhomes and more cottage-style housing models.”
More than a dozen participated in Rowell’s summit and bus tour, including industry leaders specializing in single and multi-family development, commercial real estate and senior housing. Cassius Butts, lead developer for the Fort McPherson Development Authority was among them.
“Councilwoman Catherine Foster Rowell set an exciting agenda,” said Butts. “I applaud Mayor Edwards and City Manager Donald for working with Councilwoman Rowell. It sets an appropriate positive economic message to the citizens of South Fulton.”
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