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Gov. Brian Kemp Honors Fire Chief Broome at the Capitol

Gov. Brian Kemp honored City of South Fulton Fire Chief Freddie Broome, Georgia’s Fire Chief of the Year, earlier today at the State Capitol. Broome received the award last fall from the Georgia Fire Chiefs Association. He was also honored with a proclamation from the State of Georgia Insurance and Safety Fire Commissioner for his leadership in the fire service.

“It is truly an honor to be recognized by your colleagues for such a distinguished award,” Broome said. “I will continue to be a committed and strong leader as I work to ensure the residents of the City of South Fulton receive the best fire and rescue services possible.”

Kemp recognized Broome and other award-winning firefighters and officials from across the state during Firefighters Recognition Day at the Georgia State Capitol.

“Georgia’s firefighters are vital to our public safety network and they work tirelessly to protect lives and property through fire response, medical emergencies, fire prevention and code enforcement,” Kemp said. “Despite the risks associated with their jobs, firefighters work around the clock to ensure the safety and well-being of Georgia’s citizens.”

Broome’s career spans over two decades. He was sworn in as the city of South Fulton’s new fire chief in June of last year. Previously he served as fire chief in Valdosta, Ga. where he was responsible for leading the Valdosta Fire Department to an ISO Class 1 rating.

Since his arrival in South Fulton he’s been a vocal advocate for firefighter safety. He’s implemented a cancer reduction program based on research that revealed a link between fighting fires and an increased rate of cancer. Additionally, South Fulton’s firefighters are getting more than $1 million in protective gear.

The new gear purchase includes a breathing apparatus that provides safe air in situations where smoke and other contaminants make air unfit to breathe. The apparatus features an integrated thermal-imaging camera that allows firefighters to see in dark and smoke-filled environments. The new air packs also are equipped with wireless connections that allow others to monitor a firefighter’s position from a remote location.

“As fire chief, I am responsible for ensuring we keep our firefighters safe and that they return home in the same condition they reported to work. We owe this to their families,” Broome said.

Photo: Gov. Brian Kemp recognizes South Fulton Fire Chief Freddie Broome at the Georgia State Capitol.

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