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Hero Attorney Donates Masks to South Fulton’s First Responders

Attorney Chris Stewart is known nationally for fighting on the front lines of the legal system, seeking justice for victims of police brutality. Now he’s helping those on the front lines against COVID-19 get the supplies they desperately need.

Stewart has committed 300 N-95 masks to the City of South Fulton’s first responders. He’ll deliver them to City Hall later today.

Stewart first learned of the city’s need after talking to his friend of over 20 years and Kappa Alpha Psi fraternity brother Councilmember Mark Baker. According to Baker, a former law enforcement officer, what was initially a wellness check turned into a blessing for the city.

“Chris is a great guy for this,” said Baker. “When I advised him of the number, I didn’t expect him to cover everybody on our front line. But, without hesitation, he did.”

“I believe that throughout all of his well-known legal battles, he just wants to do the right thing, and this welcomed gesture is just another example of that.”

Attorney Stewart says he’s happy to help the city that helped raise him. He grew up playing sports at Sandtown Park and was proud when South Fulton was first formed. He shared the milestone with Baker, holding the Bible as the councilmember was sworn into office.

He also said that he wanted to step up to help those who are facing the COVID-19 crisis every day.

“This thing is scary,” he said. “Not everyone gets to sit at home. Cops, EMS personnel, firefighters – they don’t get to take off.”

Stewart’s generosity extends across the state. He’s donating masks to Grady, Piedmont and Emory hospitals, the Atlanta Police Department and several African-American owned medical practices. He’s also donating to Phoebe Putney Memorial Hospital in Albany, one of the hardest-hit medical facilities in Georgia. And while he’s doing what he can, he says there are still so many others in need.

South Fulton’s City Solicitor LaDawn Blackett Jones is Stewart’s former elementary schoolmate. She says at St. Anthony’s Catholic School, Stewart was taught service at a young age.

“It is an honor to see that Attorney Stewart continues to be a leader in service by taking care of our public safety workers,” she said. “His efforts let us know that he truly understands that at the core most law enforcement are good and hardworking people. His litigation against bad cops as well as his support today are one in the same. He truly believes in protecting officers doing the right thing.”

Stewart has been at the helm of a number of high profile civil rights cases. He represented the families of police shooting victims Walter Scott and Alton Sterling, and is credited with winning the first billion-dollar jury verdict in U.S. history for a rape victim. As he’s gained success, he’s continued to reinvest back into the community. This year alone he’s provided tuition assistance for students at Xavier University and launched a free development academy for minority lawyers.

In addition to being a beloved member of the metro Atlanta community, Stewart is one of the most decorated lawyers in the country. He’s received numerous honors, including the 2019 Southern Center For Human Rights Vanguard Award, the National Bar Association’s Wiley Branton Award for Leadership and the 2018 Outstanding Citizen Award for the State of Georgia.

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