Police Mini-Precinct Opens on Butner Road

Earlier today, officials celebrated the opening of a new police mini-precinct on Butner Road in South Fulton. This marks the third precinct opening since the city’s incorporation in 2017.

The precinct, located at 3220 Butner Road, Suite 150 in the Shops at Camp Creek Village, will be open Monday through Saturday from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.  The 800-square foot unit will serve as a facility where residents can request and pick-up police reports and have access to the department’s community policing division.

“The first responsibility of municipal government is to provide for the safety of its residents,” stated Mayor Bill Edwards.  “In keeping with my promises to open a new precinct in every district, I am proud to say that promise is continually fulfilled.  We have opened a mini police precinct in District 4 on Cedar Grove Road, District 1 on Cascade Road and now we have opened our third here in The Shops at Butner Road.  What a great day this is for the residents we serve here in the city of  South Fulton.”

Police Chief Keith Meadows is a vocal advocate of 21st century community policing best practices. Mini-precincts or “mini-stations” have been opened by police departments across the U.S. in an effort not only aimed at crime prevention, but to bring police closer to the community.

“We would like for the police precinct to truly be a part of the community,” stated Chief Meadows. “We want residents to know it is a place where they can come and interact with their officers and share their concerns in a safe environment.”  

District 2 Councilwoman Carmalitha Gumbs often touts her area’s low crime rates, and says the precinct brings an added sense of security to residents.

“I am proud that District 2 continues to be the safest district in our city,” she said. “The new precinct will bring added peace of mind to residents and more public safety services into our community.”

“I have consistently advocated for increased police presence, cameras, neighborhood watch programming and other initiatives,” she continued. “I am confident that the implementation of these strategies, along with the help of engaged residents, will keep crime rates low allowing our residents and businesses to thrive. “

In addition to the strategic opening of the mini precincts throughout the city, the South Fulton Police Department is also relocating its headquarters. Renovations of the building, which is located on Old National Highway, are underway.

Photo Credit: City of South Fulton

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