Municipal Court to Move to South Fulton Arts Center

South Fulton Municipal Court ceased operations earlier this year as part of the city’s COVID-19 response. Plans to reopen the court were recently announced. As part of the process, court will transition from the Union City Justice Center to the South Fulton Arts Center.

According to a press release, under the current first phase of the reopening, residents can send questions or requests for information to court officials by e-mail at or by phone at (470) 809-7400. Tickets can be paid at or (877) 575-7233. Cases can be contested through virtual hearings.

“For a limited time, the solicitor has reduced certain fines and charges,” said Pro Tem Judge Michael Sheridan. “To find out if you are eligible for a lower fine or reduced charge, visitor or call the solicitor’s toll-free number.”

To take advantage of the lower fines and/or charge, defendants must make payments online no less than 10 days prior to their court dates. If a fine or citation has not been lowered, the defendant may schedule an appointment to speak to the city’s public defender at by calling (470) 809-7400 or contacting the solicitor via phone or video conference. Those who need additional time to pay can request extensions at

Following a statewide judicial emergency declaration by the state’s chief justice, the municipal court is conducting certain criminal and civil hearings virtually. Court officials have extended the standard notification period for hearings for defendants and other witnesses and necessary parties to 45 days to allow them to make reasonable accommodations.

As court operations enter the second phase of reopening, limited court sessions will be held at the South Fulton Arts Center on Wednesdays and Fridays. No more than 30 citations will be scheduled per session.

Court officials plan to resume full operations with the next 60 days with social distancing protocols and other safety measures in place.

“We appreciate everyone’s patience and cooperation as we return to full operation,” said Court Administrator Phenix Gaston. “We feel we have developed a more efficient and effective process goes to great lengths to protect everyone’s wellbeing.”

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