South Fulton Dad’s Hand Sanitizer Tutorial a Lesson in Creative Parenting

Fulton County Schools remain closed today after a teacher tested positive for coronavirus. And while most students will return to classes tomorrow, today parents are busy finding creative ways to keep them occupied.

Torrey Tomlinson, a South Fulton dad and entrepreneur, decided to give his daughter a lesson in making homemade hand sanitizer. The tutorial combined science and math, and offered a handy alternative for families who may have found their local stores to be limiting purchase quantities or out of stock.

Tomlinson and his daughter, Taylor, used one-third cup of aloe vera gel, two-thirds cup of rubbing alcohol and essential oils just for scent. He says, “It’s just like the real deal.”

In addition to its practical classroom application, Tomlinson’s tutorial also offers an opportunity for parents to talk to their children about coronavirus and preventative tips offered by  school and public health officials.

Fulton County Schools officials have been reinforcing the importance of healthy hygiene with students and employees. The school district has also provided resources for talking to students about coronavirus in a way that’s age appropriate.

According to experts, giving children guidance on what they can do to prevent infection germs makes them less anxious and gives them a greater sense of control. One of the most important things children can do is to wash their hands often with soap and water, and when soap is not available, use hand sanitizer.

Click here to view Tomlinson’s video on how to make hand sanitizer at home. For resources and updates from Fulton County Schools, visit the district’s website.

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