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South Fulton Ethics Board to Hold First Meeting on June 24

The City of South Fulton Board of Ethics will hold its inaugural meeting at City Hall (5440 Fulton Industrial Boulevard) on Monday, June 24 at 6:00 p.m.

Mayor William “Bill” Edwards and each member of the City Council were given the opportunity to appoint a member to the board. The members are: Overtis Hicks Brantley, Esq.; Charles Hodges, Esq.; Kenneth F. Joe; Jill E. Pope, Esq.; Jewel Johnson; and Kalvin Johnson.

Brantley, appointed by Mayor Edwards, will serve as the chairperson. One seat, to be filled by Councilman khalid kamau, remains vacant.

Photo: Mayor William “Bill” Edwards and Board of Ethics members Jewel Johnson and Kalvin Johnson following the swearing-in ceremony. (Credit: Office of Mayor Edwards)

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