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South Fulton Schools See CCRPI Increases; Cliftondale Elementary Leads

The Georgia Department of Education today released the 2019 College and Career Ready Performance Index (CCRPI) scores. CCRPI scores are based on five separate components – Content Mastery, Progress, Closing Gaps, Readiness and, for high schools, Graduation Rate.

According to the data, Fulton County Schools’ overall score in 2019 increased to 83.8, which is 7.9 points above the state average. Fulton County Schools ranked above the state average in all grade levels.

“This is a dramatic achievement with gains in all levels and across the district. Our CCRPI and Climate Star rankings reflect great work by our professional teachers, principals and staff,” said Cliff Jones, Chief Academic Officer.

The biggest gains in the county were achieved by Cliftondale Elementary School, with an increase of 23.3 points, Woodland Middle School with an increase of 21.2 points, and Feldwood Elementary with an increase of 20.3.

Most of the South Fulton County schools saw gains, including: Banneker High School (+2.5); Brookview Elementary (+2.9); College Park Elementary (+6.4); Camp Creek Middle (+11.2); Creekside High (+2); Evoline C. West Elementary (+15.1); Langston Hughes High (+2); Liberty Point Elementary (+9.8); McClarin High (+4.2); McNair Middle (+16.3); Love T. Nolan Elementary (+12.5); Oakley Elementary (+4.7); Palmetto Elementary (+10.4); Renaissance Elementary (+18.1); S. L. Lewis Elementary (+13.3); Sandtown Middle (+12.3); Stonewall Tell Elementary (+1.5); Paul D. West Middle (+8.4); Westlake High (+4.8); and Wolf Creek Elementary (+4.7).

Among charter schools, Hapeville Charter Middle School had the highest gains with an increase of 18.9. Other charter schools that saw gains included Chattahoochee Hills Charter (+8.7); Hapeville Charter Career Academy (+6.3); KIPP South Fulton Academy School (+9.3); RISE College Prep (+0.1); and RISE Grammar School (+11).

Notably, just a handful of South Fulton schools scored above the 80-point mark. They include: Cliftondale Elementary (81.2); Liberty Point Elementary (83.5); Palmetto Elementary (83.2); Sandtown Middle (81.0); and Westlake High (84.5).

As part of Georgia’s state plan for the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) – the replacement for No Child Left Behind – the state made changes to the CCRPI calculation. The 2018 CCRPI was the first to use the new calculation. Comparisons between the 2018 and 2019 CCRPI are valid; comparisons to prior years are not.

While Fulton County saw increases across the district outperforming the state average, the state saw an average decline in scores in elementary and middle schools. Governor Brian Kemp said that the declining scores, in contrast to rising national test scores and graduation rates, raise concerns about the measurement used to determine school and district achievement.

“I believe that we need to engage in a thoughtful process to create an accountability system that paints a true picture of what’s happening in a school,” said Gov. Kemp. “With unprecedented alignment between my office, the Governor’s Office of Student Achievement, and the Department of Education, I’m confident that we’re finally in the right position to make long-needed refinements to this measurement.”

Photo Credit: Cliftondale Elementary School

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