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Stonewall Tell Students Talk Safety with Police and School Health Professionals

Safety patrols from Stonewall Tell Elementary School received a first-hand look at what it takes to keep students safe on campuses across the district, with a recent visit with the Fulton County Schools Safety and Security Department.
It was a morning of questions from fifth graders who toured the district’s Emergency Operations Center, received first aid training and observed a Small Unmanned Aircraft Systems (sUAS) or drone demonstration – all to inspire them to continue on their leadership path and to encourage them to be responsible citizens. Students met with staff from FCS Police, Fire, Emergency Management and the School Health Services departments.
The visit represented a unique opportunity for students to ask general safety-related questions and to participate in hands-on activities with fire and police officers and the district’s health services staff.

“One of the goals of the visit was to expose students to some of the ways officers are working to ensure the safety of our schools and to remind them that while our police officers and other adults are responsible for maintaining school safety, our students also can play a role in keeping themselves and their peers safe,” said Safety and Security Executive Director Dr. Shannon Flounnory. “We want to re-enforce the message that everyone in our community is responsible for keeping our schools safe.”
At Stonewall Tell Elementary, safety patrols are selected following an application process that includes writing an essay. Patrols have a variety of duties, including monitoring hallways, carpools and bus areas, providing morning announcements, assisting with morning classroom preparation and raising and removing the U.S. flag on the campus.
“Many of our patrols are looking to obtain jobs in the safety and law enforcement industry, so we wanted to give them a unique experience that encourages and exposes them to all possibilities,” said Safety Patrol Coordinator Lisa Sinon, who arranged the interactive, instructional visit. “We also wanted to show our students the variety of ways the FCS Safety and Security Department keeps them safe at school. They were impressed with the experience and even received tips to help them become better safety patrols.”
Photo 1 (Credit: Fulton County Schools): Stonewall Tell Elementary students Sani Bradley (left) and Ramarcus Bowden share with FCS Police Capt. Darrell McDaniel why they chose to become school safety patrols.
Photo 2 (Credit: Fulton County Schools): Coordinator of Emergency Operations Paul Hildreth responds to general safety questions from Stonewall Tell Elementary students during a visit to the FCS Special Operations Center.
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