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Super Senior Profile: Alaysha Randall

This month, we’re celebrating South Fulton’s Super Seniors!

Meet Alaysha Randall, a member of Riverwood International Charter School’s Class of 2020. She’s pushed herself in the classroom and her community service has taken her as far as South Africa. This Girl Scout is prepared to take on the world. She’d headed to Spelman College in the fall and plans to later attend medical school. She aspires to become an obstetrician.

Q1: What are some of the things that you’ve been proud to accomplish during your high school career?

A1: I am proud of so many things. I have maintained a 3.7 GPA while challenging myself to take IB/AP courses. I traveled so far and long on my first mission trip without my parents to South Africa. I’ve pushed myself to take on leadership roles within clubs and organizations, and started the Miracle Toys Organization where we had a huge turnout. Most of all I am proud of building and making connections with my teachers and making friends that have turned into family.

Q2: How have you given back to your community?

A2: I’ve given back by volunteering at back-to-school drives where we collect and prepare backpacks full of school supplies for kids to have for the upcoming year. I also led the Miracle Toys Organization, where my peers and I collected new toys to give to kids at the Ronald McDonald House during the holidays. For the past two years I’ve participated in a prom drive were we helped girls in the South Fulton community who needed prom dresses and care packages. Also, I went on a mission trip were I volunteered at multiple orphanages in South Africa and shared supplies and toiletries with the children and helped clean their living spaces.

Q3: What are your plans after high school? What are your career aspirations?

A3: I plan to attend Spelman College, where I will major in biomedical engineering on the pre-med track. After going to medical school and completing my residency training, my ultimate goal is to become an obstetrician.

Q4: Who has helped you the most along the way? How did they make a difference in your life?

A4: My mother has helped me the most along the way. From always making sure I get to where I need to be, to helping me stay on my toes. She has helped me do my best and supported me when I didn’t even ask. My parent’s unconditional love has pushed me to work hard and to not settle for less. I am blessed to have such loving parent who sacrifice a lot for me. They have done everything they can to make sure I achieve greatness and that is one of the many reasons why I want to be successful in life.

Q5:  Based on your high school experience, what advice would you give to the members of the Class of 2021?

A5: The advice I would give the class of 2021 is to stay focused and make everything count because time moves fast. Stay on top of your grades especially your junior year because that’s your most important year. Prepare for your standardized tests; plan, plan, plan, and execute. Don’t be afraid to ask for help  when you feel lost. Definitely get involved in community service projects as much as possible and try to find ways to stay connected with your class and school community.

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