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Super Senior Profile: SaVion Smith

This month, we’re celebrating South Fulton’s Super Seniors!

Meet SaVion Smith, one of the top 25 students in Hapeville Charter Career Academy’s Class of 2020 and a dual enrollment scholar at Georgia Military College. He’s a member of the Beta Club, National Honor Society, National Society of High School Scholars and Exchange Club. Committed to community service, he has been a Boy Scout for 11 years, and was recently named Youth Leader of Pack 3353. To top off a heaping list of accomplishments, he has received a full scholarship from 5STRONG and will attend Alabama A&M University in the fall.

Q1: What are some of the things that you’ve been proud to accomplish during your high school career?

A1: I am extremely proud to have accomplished a plethora of things. My first accomplishment that I am extremely thrilled about is graduating from Georgia Military College as a Dual Enrolled Student at the age of 17. I received my Associate’s Degree in Applied Science/General Studies. My second proud accomplishment has to be graduating from Hapeville Charter Career Academy as one of the Top 25 Students. I completely enjoyed my high school career and will remember every relationship I ever built within the “HIVE!” Lastly, I recently became a “5STRONG Scholar.” 5STRONG is a scholarship organization that recruits students who are extremely active, intelligent, friendly, well-rounded and outgoing as a whole. I have committed to them and their organization, and I will be attending Alabama Agricultural and Mechanical University 100 percent FREE, thanks to them. Although I have accomplished many other things, those are my top 3. I am happy to state that everything I have accomplished has matured, humbled and taught me a number of different life lessons.

Q2: How have you given back to your community?

A2: When it comes down to giving back and lending a helping hand, I am usually one of the first to do it. I love to help others, it feels amazing being able to bless others with what God has already blessed me with. I have been a Boy Scout for 11 consecutive years, and we as a whole give back and offer helping hands on a regular basis. I have participated in feeding the homeless, donating to the less fortunate, being an emotional support system to my peers, and much more. I’m glad to mention that I recently became the Youth Leader for Pack 3353.

Q3: What are your plans after high school? What are your career aspirations?

A3: After high school, this fall I will be attending The Illustrious Alabama Agricultural and Mechanical University as a Proud 5STRONG Scholar. I will major in Criminal Justice, while minoring in Forensics and Spanish. I will become a Forensics Crime Scene Investigator or CSI.

Q4: Who has helped you the most along the way? How did they make a difference in your life?

A4: It took a village to help me throughout this journey. First, I thank God for everything including this opportunity. Secondly, my parents, they have been in my corner all 17 years of my life and have supported every decision I have ever made. Lastly, the administration at HCCA, Principal Bethea, Coach Gordon, Coach Basil, Mrs. Oneal, Coach Pope, Mrs. Knox, Mrs. Olgertrice, Mrs. French, Mrs. Pettiford, Mrs.Troy, Ms. Cornelius, Ms. Griffiths and Mr. Omowale. I valued every conversation, lesson and pep-talk you all gave me. Thank You all.

Q5: Based on your high school experience, what advice would you give to the members of the Class of 2021?

A5: I completely enjoyed my high school career and encourage the entire class of 2021 to be brave and take chances, because no matter the outcome… you will learn a valuable lesson. Also, branch out and make connections to make your senior year the best. Lastly, attend as many college/career fairs as possible, mainly because you’ll have the opportunity to apply to a plethora of colleges for free and get onsite decisions.

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