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South Fulton Police Department Celebrates Milestones, Growth
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South Fulton Police Department Celebrates Milestones, Growth

Just over a year after its launch, the South Fulton Police Department is celebrating key milestones and significant growth in the size of its force. When the police department transitioned in late March of 2018 from Fulton County to the City of South Fulton, it was comprised of just 85 sworn officers. To date, the police force has grown by more than 50 percent. As of March 25, according to Police Chief Meadows, the department was down to its last 16 vacancies with 15 candidates scheduled to go before the hiring board. Aggressive recruiting methods have helped the department to increase its gang unit, narcotics unit and court service section. An intelligence unit has been created to analyze crime trends under the COMPSTAT methodology. And Chief Meadows has expressed that he will a...

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