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Wolf Creek Library Celebrates Five Years with Community Birthday Party

Today, before the Wolf Creek Branch opened its doors at 10:00 a.m., a crowd was already forming. Children of all ages, accompanied by their parents, had gathered to celebrate the library’s fifth birthday.

Stonewall Tell Elementary students led party attendees in Stevie Wonder’s rendition of “Happy Birthday.” Cake was served and favorite libraries memories were shared. For Valdoshia Hunt, branch manager and South Fulton resident, her favorite memory is the library’s opening because she’s loved the way it has brought the community together.

“This is a growing area and the library is the cornerstone of the community,” she said. “We’re a gathering place for city of South Fulton residents, more people are getting library cards, and we’re able to host such diverse events and activities from Onyxcon to tutoring to Spanish classes, I could go on and on.”

For Councilwoman Carmalitha Gumbs, one of her favorite memories is the Earth Day community cleanup. In partnership with Comcast, she invites the community out annually to engage in beautification projects at the library and the surrounding area. The event includes a live DJ, lunch and other fun activities.

For Charisse Davis, assistant branch manager, seeing the library’s tiniest patrons grow up has been especially memorable.  

“I have just loved watching my storytime babies grow up,” she said. “I’ve been here a little over two years now. Some of the kids were coming in the carrier and now they are running around as toddlers and so that’s really fun to see.”

The Wolf Creek branch offers tons of opportunities for everyone in the community to make great memories. Regularly scheduled activities include coding classes, poetry slams for teens and more. And while most likely know about the library’s programming for youth, there are also lots of perks for adults. Parents like Ebraima Jagana regularly take their children to the library, but also take time to enjoy the library’s benefits on their own.

“It’s interesting, in the morning my wife and I come here and walk in the morning after we drop our daughter off at school,” he said. “They have a trail in the back that’s part of the library experience.”

In fact, the library actually has a walking club for adults that meets regularly on Thursdays and Saturdays at 10:00 a.m. Among other services and benefits for adults are technology education workshops, Scrabble club and book club.

Wolf Creek Library is located at 3100 Enon Road. Visit the library website for hours and other information.  

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