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Councilwoman Willis to Serve on NLC Public Safety and Crime Prevention Committee

Councilwoman Helen Z. Willis has been appointed to the National League of Cities (NLC) 2019 Public Safety and Crime Prevention (PSCP) federal advocacy committee.
The committee has the lead responsibility for developing NLC’s federal policy positions on issues involving crime prevention, corrections, substance abuse, municipal fire policy, juvenile justice, disaster preparedness and relief, homeland security, domestic terrorism, court systems and gun control.
The appointment was announced by NLC President Karen Freeman-Wilson, mayor of Gary, Ind. As a committee member, Willis will play a key role in shaping NLC’s policy positions and advocate on behalf of America’s cities and towns before Congress, with the administration and at home.
“I’m honored to be appointed and given the opportunity to represent the City of South Fulton in service to the National League of Cities’ Public Safety and Crime Prevention federal advocacy committee,” said Willis. “We can’t arrest our way of out of crime, so I’m looking forward to working with municipal officials throughout the nation to develop innovative, proactive and progressive policies that will help local cities combat public safety challenges.”
“Our federal advocacy committees help ensure that policymakers in Washington know what’s happening on the ground in our communities – and what is needed from our federal partners,” said Freeman-Wilson. “I am proud to have Helen Z. Willis join NLC’s Public Safety and Crime Prevention committee on behalf of her residents. Together with a team of local leaders from around the country, we will work to solve the most pressing challenges facing our communities.”
Also appointed to leadership positions on this year’s committee are Chair Roxanne Thalman, Councilmember, Arlington, Texas and Vice Chair Michael Lester, Councilmember, Broken Arrow, Okla. Councilmember Sharon Shropshire of neighboring East Point has been reappointed to serve as a committee member.
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