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School Board to Hold Feb. 20 Meeting and Hearing on Closure of S.L. Lewis Elementary

The Fulton County Board of Education will meet Tuesday, Feb. 20 at the South Learning Center at 4025 Flat Shoals Road in Union City. All topics up for approval are posted on BoardDocs, including the closure of S.L. Lewis Elementary.

In Capital Plan 2027 funded by ESPLOST, Fulton County Schools has outlined plans to close the existing S.L Lewis Elementary School and rebuild a new school at the same location to open Aug. 2026. Should the closure of S. L. Lewis Elementary be approved as anticipated during the Feb. 20 hearing, the facility will close permanently at the end of the school year, and students will be reassigned to Mary M. Bethune Elementary School while the new school is constructed.

Fulton County Schools staff previously held community forums to discuss the potential closure and consolidation of S.L. Lewis Elementary School and redistricting of schools in the southeast area of South Fulton. Community comments and concerns were gathered in accordance with the requirements for school closure and school attendance zones including future student placement.

As required by state law, two public hearings must be held to discuss community concerns regarding the closure of S. L. Lewis Elementary School. The first hearing was held on Feb. 8.

The school board will meet on Feb. 20 for executive session at 3:30 p.m. immediately followed by the meeting’s public business agenda at approximately 5:30 p.m. At 6 p.m., the board will conduct its monthly recognitions of outstanding student and staff accomplishments followed by the public comment session.

All meetings of the school board are open to the public with the exception of executive session. Meetings can be watched live on the Fulton County Schools website homepage using this link.  Video recordings of the meeting are archived to the Fulton County Schools website within 48 hours of the meeting and can be viewed at

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