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Q&A: School Board Candidate Dr. Sandra Wright

South Fulton residents are set to vote for a new Fulton County school board member in District 4. Longtime board member Linda Bryant’s term is coming to an end, and she has decided not to seek reelection.

Ahead of election day on June 9, we reached out to all three candidates to learn more about their vision for education in South Fulton. All responses were sent to us electronically and have not been edited or altered in any way.

Meet Dr. Sandra Wright, a longtime Fulton County resident, professor, former Fulton County schools parent and author.

Q1: What is your vision for education in the South Fulton community?

A1: My vision for education in Fulton County and especially South Fulton County, School Board District 4, is envisioning educational programs, teachers, state of the arts facilities and educational tools that will meet the educational and developmental needs of all students in the District.

Q2: What are the primary challenges facing South Fulton schools and how do you plan to address them?

A2: The current challenges facing School Board District have not been fully addressed and it will take new leadership to galvanize parents and the community to address the following lingering challenges: 

a. Challenge:  Too many schools having low school grades.  Improve local school grades by identifying the achievement gaps and build stronger support systems, (parents, volunteers, etc.) to improve student performance.

b. Challenge: Need to increase community support and involvement in South Fulton County Schools.  Encourage more local businesses and community leaders to get involved by supporting school programs and offering financial incentives to encourage student participation in academic competitions (Spelling bees; math bees; history bees; science bees; etc.)

c. Challenge:  Need to eliminate teacher shortages in District 4.  Increase incentives that improve local teacher recognition and appreciation programs.

Q3: Prior to running for this office, in what ways have you contributed to the South Fulton community that have benefited students and/or parents?

A3: As a parent of  three students who attended South Fulton County Schools, I have been involved in every aspect of educating and supporting students and parents in the area.  Listed below is some of my present and past involvement :

  • Member, President, Secretary, Treasurer ( local school PTAs); School Governance Boards
  • Member, Georgia PTA
  • Co-founder, Chattahoochee Hills Charter School; Served on School Foundation Board
  • Volunteer and Financial Supporter; coordinated School Fundraisers; Disadvantaged Student Support (on-going); mentor to students and parents
  • Volunteer-  Grant Writer. Program evaluator, Tutor

Q4: Tell us about your educational attainment and any professional education experience that you may have.

A4: I am a graduate of Florida A & M University with a BS/MEd in English;  PhD -Education (concentration in Training and Organizational Development.  I am a professor that trains educators and other higher educational professionals.  I have been a Campus Director a for-profit academy and Director of Education.

Q5: Why do you think you’re better qualified than your opponents to serve on the board?

A5: The voters in School Board District 4 will make the final decision as to who should serve as their district representation.  The district needs new leadership, new results and a new approach to improving our schools.  I believe all children are unique and can learn at different levels.  As a Board Member, I will be committed to educating all students and preparing them for a future in our communities and around the world.  My vision for education and student success makes me the best candidate to serve as your District 4 school board representative.

Q6: Many parents have called for more innovation in education. What “outside the box” policies do you plan to implement?

A6: Because of our current health pandemic, it is clear that the approach to delivering education to all students is being challenged.  Educators and educational leaders must review and study how the current system worked during closures and what changes will be necessary to meet future challenges.  Certainly, out of these assessment, new and innovation suggestions will be necessary.  I await the opportunity to meet student needs where the problems are.

Q7: As a board member, what type of relationship do you envision having with parents and community members?

A7: Parents want their children to be successful in all things and their education is important to them.  As a Board Member I will be accessible to all parents and will welcome and encourage their participation and the participation of community members in every aspect of student education and development.

Q8: Where can voters go to learn more about you? (ex. website URL, upcoming events, etc.)

A8: Website: – They can LIKE my FACEBOOK page at Elect Dr. Sandra Wright.  I continually post upcoming events.

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