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South Fulton Residents Vote Yes to Three Incumbents, Two Ballot Questions

In the South Fulton municipal election, three incumbents are celebrating definitive wins. Councilmember Catherine Foster Rowell and Councilmember Mark Baker both earned more than 80 percent of the vote. Helen Willis was unopposed.

Rowell bested Mathis Colquitt with 1,271 votes to his 182. Baker recorded 876 votes compared to Eric Richardson’s 170. Willis banked all 853 of her district’s votes.

“I am deeply humbled and want to thank each and every residents of District 1 who took the time to exercise the vote,” said Councilwoman Rowell in a message to her social media followers. “Thanks for your overwhelming support, and trust in me to serve and help lead our city for the next four years. We still have much more work to do, but I’m up to the challenge and excited about what’s on the horizon for our district and city.”

Residents also voted yes to two ballot questions. As a result, South Fulton has been granted redevelopment powers and can use tax allocation districts to spur economic development, and a new homestead exemption will help to protect residents from huge property tax hikes as home values increase.

Incumbent Rosie Jackson lost her race to Corey Reeves. She earned 414 votes, but Reeves grabbed 607 – 57.05 percent – to seal the victory.

Pictured: Councilwoman Catherine Foster Rowell (Middle) celebrated her victory tonight at Sandtown Pub. She was joined by a crowd of supporters including (L to R) Councilwoman Carmalitha Gumbs, Legislative Aide Ruth Prophete, Councilwoman Helen Z. Willis and Legislative Aide LaShandra Little.

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