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South Fulton City Hall Closes for Mold Remediation

South Fulton City Hall Closes for Mold Remediation

City of South Fulton officials have announced that City Hall will be temporarily closed starting today, Feb. 20, due to the discovery of mold in the building. Extensive mold was found in three offices at 5440 Fulton Industrial Blvd. during recent inspections, prompting officials to take action. To fully address the issue, the landlord and the city have decided that substantial drywall removal is necessary in all impacted areas with exterior windows. While remediation work takes place, the Community Development and Regulatory Affairs (CDRA) department will relocate to 6095 Boat Rock Blvd. CDRA handles the intake and processing of land disturbance permits, building permits, plan review and other planning and zoning activities. Employees in other departments that are not public-facing wi...

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