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GreyStone Power Selects Delegates for Washington Youth Tour

GreyStone Power Selects Delegates for Washington Youth Tour

GreyStone Power is giving three teens an opportunity to experience the fast-paced world of politics and leadership in Washington, D.C. Samuel Noonan of Douglasville, Davis Ondieki of Dallas and Nathan Riediger of College Park have been selected to attend the 2020 Washington Youth Tour, sponsored nationally by the National Rural Electric Cooperative Association and statewide by the Georgia Electric Membership Corporation. Recognized as one of Georgia's oldest leadership programs for teens, the tour teaches high school students about U.S. history, government and the importance of public service. Former President Lyndon B. Johnson inspired the tour when he encouraged electric cooperatives to send students to the nation’s Capitol to see first-hand what the flag represents. Candidates...

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