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Principal Stamper Wins Award for Exemplary Leadership

The Principals Center at Georgia State University recently announced that Banneker High School Principal Jason Stamper is the recipient of the 2020 Joe Richardson Award for Exemplary Leadership. He’s the third Fulton County Schools principal to receive the honor since 1995.

The annual award is named in honor of the founder of Georgia State’s Principals Center, Dr. Joe Richardson, who was inspired by Dr. Roland Barth, formerly of Harvard and the founder of the Principals Center movement.

The award is presented to an educational leader who is considered highly competent and successful within the school district and among their professional peers. Recipients represent the mix of leadership attributes that cultivate a school environment where both students and staff excel and exemplify the characteristics of an instructional leader within a community of learners and leaders.

“Dr. Stamper is a highly thoughtful, motivating and transformational leader,” said Dr. Gyimah Whitaker, area superintendent of South Learning Community for Fulton County Schools. “His leadership communicates widely the efficacy he believes – all students can and will learn.”

“I am honored to have witnessed the transformation of Woodland Middle School and look forward to his leadership at the helm of Banneker High School. With leaders like Dr. Stamper, our community will thrive.”

Dr. Stamper’s career in education spans 22 years. In June 2014, was named principal of Woodland Middle School. Under his leadership and through relentless hard work and partnerships with all stakeholders, Woodland Middle School’s CCRPI score improved from 52.1 to 74.6. Additionally, Woodland’s school climate score increased from one star to four stars.

In December 2019, Dr. Stamper was named principal of Banneker High School. His goal is to create an enriched learning environment and school climate that engages and fosters boundless relationships with each student and family. He is dedicated to quality student instruction, growth and achievement, and his personal and professional mission is to grow every student, every day – academically and socially.

His wife, Richele Stamper, is also an educator in Fulton County Schools, and their three children, Jasmyn, Jada and Jason, Jr., are all products of Fulton County Schools.

Photo Credit: Fulton County Schools

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