Eight Vendors Selected to Provide Sanitation Services in South Fulton

The City of South Fulton is expected to complete the transition of public works services by November 19, which will include the launch of a new sanitation and recycling services model.
Under the new model, residents will be allowed to select a sanitation services vendor that has met requirements outlined in Ordinance 2018-041. Approved vendors include: Advance Disposal, Community Waste Disposal, Fulton Sanitation, Lathan Home Sanitation, Reliable Sanitation, Republic Services, Waste Industries and Waste Management.
It’s the last step to ensure the city continues to receive local option sales tax (LOST) dollars, approximately $24 million annually. Under Georgia law, in order to receive the funds a municipality must offer at least three of the following services: water, sewage, garbage collection, police protection, fire protection or library services.
South Fulton will technically not deliver sanitation services, but instead oversee service delivery. The workaround resembles operations in Sandy Springs.
“I am excited to see our city moving forward in a positive direction to continue our efforts in providing quality services to South Fulton residents,” said City Manager Odie Donald II. “Road and highway maintenance along with sanitation pick-up and recycling are essential services for the sustainability of any city and the economic vitality of its businesses.”
As outlined in Ordinance 2018-41, all owners of residential units are now required to contract with an approved sanitation services vendor. The city reserves the right to secure service for individuals who don’t comply, and recover costs as allowed by law. It’s unclear when and how this will be enforced.
Also mandated by the ordinance is an infrastructure maintenance fee requiring sanitation vendors to pay the city five percent of their gross receipts, similar to franchise fees currently paid by utility companies.
It’s not uncommon for companies to choose to pass the cost off to the customer. Waste Industries’ customers have already begun to receive notification of these fees.
According to the ordinance, the funds collected will be used for the city’s oversight of sanitation services, maintenance of city streets, administrative services and costs related to contract compliance between customers and vendors and the collection of litter and trash.
Photo Credit: Waste Industries
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