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Fulton County Voters Usher in a Changing of the Guard

In a historic Aug. 11 runoff election, Fulton County voters called for big changes in leadership.

South Fulton resident Fani Willis successfully ousted longtime Fulton County District Attorney Paul Howard. With 90 precent of precincts reporting, she claimed a commanding lead with 73.42 percent of the vote.

Addressing her supporters last night, she said that Fulton County voters have “spoken up for change in our District Attorney’s office” and promised to deliver reform.

“Once we have restored the integrity and credibility of the District Attorney’s office, we will bring new, innovative and restorative justice programs to our county,” she said. “Thank you to everyone who has entrusted me to fill this critically important role. I will not let you down.”

And Howard isn’t the only incumbent losing his seat.

There’s a new sheriff in town, literally. Patrick “Pat” Labat has earned 58.87 of the votes so far over Sheriff Theodore “Ted” Jackson.

With 75 percent of precincts reporting, South Fulton’s Mandisha Thomas has 60.48 percent of the votes over longtime incumbent State Representative Sharon Beasley-Teague in House District 65.

In other key races, Franchesca Warren bested Sandra Wright to take the District 4 seat on the Fulton County School Board, and Melynee Leftridge Harris beat out Tamika Hrobowski-Houston to succeed Superior Court Judge Constance Russell.

Results are unofficial and may be incomplete.

Photo: Willis, Labat and Thomas

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