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Heritage Elementary’s Kelsey Drews Named FCS Teacher of the Year

Kelsey Drews, 2nd-grade teacher and grade level chair at Heritage Elementary School, has been named 2020-2021 Teacher of the Year (TOTY) for Fulton County Schools (FCS).  

She was surprised by Principal Cheree Turner, FCS staff and school board members on Monday afternoon at her home. The announcement came with confetti and loud cheers of support.

Drews has been in the public school system for seven years, five of which have been with FCS. She was named TOTY for Heritage Elementary earlier this year.

“I see my role in the classroom as a facilitator, nurturer, and coach,” said Drews in her TOTY application. “I do not consider the room that I work in to be my classroom. It is the students that make the room a classroom, and it is theirs. They guide everything I do.”

Drews’ commitment to students goes beyond the classroom. When she’s not teaching, she dedicates her time as a committee member with Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports (PBIS). She’s also a member of the Heritage Elementary Literacy Committee.

“The most rewarding part of my job does not come from test scores or data points,” said Drews. “My rewards are seeing my students successful, proud, and confident in what they do. My philosophy for teaching is what guides my teaching practice. It is my personal mission statement, and I strive each day to create an environment where it is evident.”

“Ms. Drews is an amazing educator who demonstrates mastery of her content, creativity in her instruction, and heart for students and community,” said Dr. Gyimah Whitaker. “With teachers like Ms. Drews the children of Fulton County Schools will thrive.”

Photo: Kelsey Drews was surprised at her home on Monday with the announcement that she’d been named FCS Teacher of the Year.

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