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House Study Committee on Heat-Related Injuries to Meet in South Fulton

In March 2019, House Resolution 259 passed creating the Johnny Tolbert III House Study Committee on Heat-Related Injuries, Cardiac Injuries, and Other Sports-Related Injuries. The committee will meet on August 26 at Welcome All Park where Tolbert, age 12, died from a heat stroke during football practice.

The committee is comprised of: Rep. Kasey Carpenter (D-4), Chairman; Rep. William Boddie (D-62), Vice Chair; Rep. Demetrius Douglas (D-78); Rep. Clay Pirkle (D-155); Rep.  Deborah Silcox (D-52).

Committee members will hear from members of the medical community, Tony Phillips, director of South Fulton’s Parks and Recreation Department and Carl Green, Westlake High School’s athletic director. The meeting takes place on the heels of the recent death of Imani Bell, the metro area teen who died after basketball practice at Elite Scholars Academy.

“It’s heartbreaking that heat illness is a leading cause of death among young athletes because these deaths are 100 percent preventable,” said Councilwoman Helen Z. Willis. “South Fulton has already taken steps to mandate more rigorous training for coaches through a partnership with Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta. We look forward to learning how we might further implement best practices to ensure a safe environment for all youth who participate in our parks and recreation programs.”

Photo: Rep. Kasey Carpenter (D-4), Chairman; Rep. William Boddie (D-62), Vice Chair

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