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Loch Lomond Townhall Set for Dec. 20

On Thursday, December 20, Mayor William “Bill” Edwards and District 1 Councilwoman Catherine Foster Rowell will host a townhall meeting to welcome Loch Lomond residents into the City of South Fulton.
In 2016 Loch Lomond, a community of about 700 residents located between I-285 and Camp Creek Parkway, was annexed into the City of Atlanta. On October 26, 2018, the Georgia Court of Appeals ruled that it was improperly annexed into Atlanta, making the community part of the City of South Fulton.
“We welcome the Loch Lomond community to the City and we applaud the efforts of the residents who worked together to bring this to fruition,” said Edwards. “Their accomplishment is a testament to what the voice of the people can do.”
The townhall will be held at the Southwest Arts Center, located at 915 New Hope Road, at 7:00 p.m.
“I gladly welcome the Loch Lomond residents to the City of South Fulton,” said Rowell. “I look forward to better understanding my constituents’ needs as we transition services from the City of Atlanta.”
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