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Seasonal Cleaning: Be Careful What You Store in the Basement

It’s fall clean-up day in the city of South Fulton, and the perfect time to get your home ready for the holidays. For many, the decluttering is underway and while some items may be headed to the trash pile, others may be headed to storage in the basement.

But according to State Farm, the basement shouldn’t be a catchall for any and everything that hasn’t yet (or may never) find a home above ground. Basements can be prone to flooding, moisture-related mold and even insects.

A few items that should never be stored in the basement include electronics, artwork, books and important documents. Poor ventilation and humidity can wreak havoc on these possessions.

Instead, leave the basement storage for things like furniture, bulk household and kitchen supplies, non-perishable food and outdoor accessories. Store things on shelves off the ground so that even if there’s flooding, they are protected.

If you’re tight on space and are forced to store items in a damp basement, never use cardboard boxes. Use sealed containers instead.

“Cardboard boxes are a really big problem because over time when the moisture gets to the bottom, pretty much anything in the box can be destroyed,” said Kevin Pierson, a South Fulton resident and State Farm agent.

He also advises that any items that are being stored in the basement for the long-term are inspected regularly for mildew and mold.

Prior to opening the State Farm office in South Fulton on Lynmark Way, Pierson was in the banking industry for 12 years. As a premier banker, he helped clients secure loans, plan for retirement and manage investments.

He and his wife moved to South Fulton in 2016. He’s committed to helping families plan for and secure their future. And he says seasonal cleanings are not only an ideal time to focus on organizing your home, but also getting affairs in order in all areas of your life.

“It’s the perfect time to map out your year and plan for the things that are important to you,” he says. “I know we’re in the age where everyone wants to do everything online. But when it comes to something like your home or things that are valuable, protecting your life and your possessions, it doesn’t hurt to sit down and talk to a professional.”

Kevin Pierson’s agency is a full-service firm that offers auto, homeowner and life insurance, checking and saving accounts, investments and more. Stop by and see him at his office at 6000 Lynmark Way, Suite 103, South Fulton, Ga. 30213 or give him a call at 770-892-1472.

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