South Fulton Police: Break Down Boxes, Make Package Delivery Arrangements

Crimes of opportunity rise across the U.S. during the holiday season. In response, the South Fulton Police Department is offering several timely tips to help keep residents safe.

For those doing a significant amount of shopping online or expecting gifts from family and friends by mail, the police department urges residents to break down boxes and discard them in trash bins rather than leaving them on the curb. Additionally, those planning to travel over the holidays are asked to make arrangements to have someone accept their packages while they are away.

For shoppers who will be braving the malls and shopping centers, the police department is encouraging shopping in groups. The department is also asking that shoppers be alert, limit mobile device usage to avoid distractions, and keep earbud volume at a level that allows them to still hear what’s going on around them.

As theft from motor vehicles and car thefts continue to be an issue across the metro Atlanta area, the South Fulton Police Department is encouraging residents to refrain from leaving cars unattended while running, and to turn vehicles off and remove the keys when at a standstill, particularly at gas stations.

Lastly, the South Fulton Police Department has established a Police-to-Citizen portal to report non-emergency incidents. The online tool can be used to report aggressive driving, criminal trespassing, lost or mislaid property, suspicious activity and theft by taking of items valued at less than $500.

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