Women’s Conference Aims to Help Attendees Blaze Trails and Make Room at Any Table

This week, women from across the region will gather for the 4th Annual State of the Woman Address. The event brings women in business together to share resources on health, wealth and other topics. It’s sponsored by Mayor William “Bill” Edwards and the South Fulton Chamber of Commerce.

“The State of the Woman Address is about providing insight and solutions to issues women are constantly searching for answers to,” said Kathy Hood, founder of Woman University. “It’s about providing resources to empower women and their allies to take action and thrive when in despair. And it’s about providing superb, high-level networking opportunities to spark a positive change in their lives.”

“We help women make lasting friendships, mentorships, and collaborations to live a vision-filled life. We believe that empowered women, empower women.”

The conference kicks off on January 29 and this year’s theme is The VIEW: Visionaries Impacting and Empowering Women. Attendees will hear from women leading the way in multiple industries. Sessions include: “A Woman’s Predestined Wealth” led by Charlene Ellis; “Slay in Your Lane – Be a Trailblazer” led by Ariel Shaw; “Scars – Your Best Attire” led by Aysha Treadwell; “Finishing Strong” led by Erica Strong; “Taking Charge of Your Health Journey led by Dr. Renee Allen; and “Have a Seat at the Table” led by Sabrina Merritt.

Merritt is the founder and CEO of October Social Media. Her session is designed to help women understand what it takes to take up space in a male-dominated field and learn the skills required to make an impression in any room. She says attending the conference is a good start.

“One way for women to make room for themselves in male-dominated industries is for them to find their tribe and build community,” she said. “What does that mean practically? Join business and industry organizations and associations that are dedicated to women’s advancement in your field. Attending workshops and conferences like State of the Woman or joining mentoring leadership and business programs will help you to learn how to navigate your industry and how to gain support from other women who share your experiences. This will allow you to dominate your industry with strategic know-how and give you a group of like-minded individuals who are cheering you on.” 

The State of the Woman Address will take place at Wellstar Atlanta Medical Center South. Virtual passes are available for attendees who want to attend from the convenience of their desks.

Photo: Fox 5’s Deidre Dukes and Kathy Hood, founder of Woman University, at the State of the Woman Address in 2019. (Credit: Woman University)

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