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Free Grow Box Giveaway Reopens for Earth Day

In honor of Earth Day, South Fulton resident Mandisha Thomas is helping the community to learn to grow their own food.

Thomas, founder of the nonprofit Golden Gate Health Care Resources, Inc., launched a free Georgia Grow Box campaign just weeks ago. She, along with several partners, registered 50 South Fulton residents to receive all the items they need to start a home garden.

Thomas has been sounding the alarm about food insecurity in South Fulton for several years. She tackled the topic last year on Earth Day during her inaugural Georgia Environmental Education and Awareness Symposium. She’s also been named to the board of Market 166, an effort launched to bring a grocery co-op to the area and address local food deserts.

Concerns about COVID-19-related food scarcity prompted her to launch the new grow box program.

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Mandisha Thomas, South Fulton resident, healthcare consultant and founder of Golden Gate Health Care Resources, Inc.

“We want to make sure that residents know that there’s a way that you can grow a small supply of produce that you can have available at your home,” Thomas told 11-Alive News.

Upon the initial launch of the program, boxes went fast. Now the giveaway has reopened and 100 more boxes are now available to those who register while supples last.

Each registrant will receive a 4×4 grow box, bag of fertilized soil and seeds. The box can eventually sustain a household of three to four people.

Willie Miller, owner of Miller City Farm, is one of the project’s partners. He says the grow box is an easy, effective and inexpensive way for South Fulton residents to get started with a home garden. He recently did a video tutorial with Councilman Khalid to show residents how they can build the box on their own in less than an hour for about $50.

South Fulton County residents, youth, veterans and seniors are all eligible to participate in the Georgia Grow Box giveaway. Those interested can register at Pick up will be on May 1 between 11 a.m. and 1 p.m. at City Fresh Gardens on Enon Road.

Photo Credit: 11-Alive News

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