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Operation Rolling Thunder Returns July 8 to Target Dangerous Drivers

Operation Rolling Thunder returns to South Fulton Thursday, July 8 through Saturday July 10. The high visibility traffic enforcement campaign sponsored by the Governor’s Office of Highway Safety focuses on reducing fatalities, injuries, and correcting dangerous driving behaviors.

During the operation, motorists will see South Fulton police officers and troopers with the Georgia State Patrol monitoring high-traffic areas. According to a press release issued by the city, in 2020, South Fulton experienced 3,456 crashes and 18 fatalities. So far in 2021, South Fulton has experienced 1,681 crashes, 825 injuries, and 12 fatalities.

“We are proud to partner with the Governor’s Office of Highway Safety to make streets in South Fulton safer,” said Lt. Roxanne Shoemaker, head of South Fulton’s Traffic Enforcement Division. “Anyone who drives under the influence, does not wear a seat belt or who is driving distracted with their cell phone in-hand will receive a citation.”

Operation Rolling Thunder was introduced in South Fulton last year during Super Bowl weekend. Officers issued 168 citations for seatbelt violations, 78 for distracted driving, 31 for child seat violations and 32 for driving under the influence.

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