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South Fulton Moves to Online Permitting System Starting April 6

In many cities across the U.S., the building permit application process has been halted to limit city personnel’s interaction with the public amid COVID-19 concerns. However, some cities – including South Fulton – are quickly adapting, and moving operations online.

Starting on April 6, South Fulton’s Community Development and Regulatory Affairs Department will implement a paperless, online system for submitting, tracking and managing all permit applications, associated documents and building plans.

In 2019 alone, South Fulton issued 1,957 building permits. The online system will allow the department to continue to generate revenue, as well as streamline operations for applicants.

“The city’s new system will provide a more efficient, user-friendly experience,” said Shayla Reed, director of community development and regulatory affairs. “Before the system’s implementation, applicants had to physically enter city hall to submit applications. They had to consider the cost of travel and printing multiple sets of applications. The new app serves as a tremendous cost and time saver for the city’s permitting customers.

Building inspectors also will see benefits by using the new app, which was created by Atlanta software developer SagesGov and customized for the city’s use. It will allow them to submit all forms, photos and comments directly to city officials from job sites or their offices.

“This resource will allow applicants and inspectors to do it all electronically,” Reed continued. “We look forward to making the city’s comprehensive permitting vision a reality.”

This week, South Fulton will also be implementing new processes and workflows for its fire department. New processes for planning and zoning, code enforcement and business license services are also expected to be unveiled later this year.

Photo: Shayla Reed, South Fulton’s director of community development and regulatory affairs

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