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South Fulton Shows Appreciation for First Responders

As the world grapples with COVID-19, first responders are on the front line of the crisis every day, putting themselves at risk. South Fulton residents and businesses are recognizing their sacrifice and finding ways to show their appreciation.

A Little Thanks Goes a Long Way
After completing an art project to let firefighters everywhere know that they are appreciated, a couple of students from Raise the Bar Learning stopped by their local South Fulton fire station with “thank you” signs. Firefighters made the day a little more special by pulling the fire engine out of the station so that the youngsters could have a closer look and take photos.

No Shortage of Kindness
At a time when personal protective equipment is low in supply, Duracell recently donated 500 N-95 masks to South Fulton’s first responders. The fire department’s Captain Gilliard was on hand to accept the donation from Bill Cline, plant manager.

“This donation is another example of community, businesses and public safety working together to ensure first responders and residents are safe and can protect themselves from this dangerous virus,” said Fire Chief Freddie Broome. “It’s extremely important that we have the proper personal protective equipment to best provide fire and medical services during this pandemic and we are extremely grateful to Duracell’s Fairburn site for the donation.”

Generosity Feeds the Soul
Sandtown Pub, located at Campbellton and Camp Creek, has seen business decline by approximately 80 percent. But Fredericka Jones, the owner, has not let that dampen her philanthropic spirit. In addition to providing free meals for local children and families in need since the onset of COVID-19 in South Fulton, Jones provided lunch for police officers, firefighters, doctors and nurses this week. The lunch was co-sponsored by resident Damita Chatman and her family.

Know of a resident or business that is performing acts of kindness in the city? Let us know at [email protected].

Photo: Students from Raise the Bar Learning stopped by their local fire station to show their appreciation. (Credit: Raise the Bar Learning)

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