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South Fulton ‘Adopt-A-Road’ Program to Target Litter, Promote Beautification

This week, South Fulton’s city council passed a resolution to create an “Adopt-A-Road” program. The program’s goal is to prevent litter and encourage beautification efforts across the city.

Civic organizations are encouraged to get involved. Garden clubs, scouting groups, church and business organizations, corporations and even high school student councils are all eligible to participate.

To adopt a stretch of roadway, an organization commits to keep the city of South Fulton “cleaner and greener.”  Groups must:

  • Designate a leader and co-leader
  • Be at least eighteen years old and provide all required contact information
  • Complete a mandatory safety training session provided by the city’s Public Works Department
  • Sign a release of liability, and when necessary sign a parental consent form
  • Submit a detailed report about the clean-up effort to the city’s Public Works Department

The city’s Public Works Department is responsible for furnishing and erecting two road signs indicating the section of roadway under adoption and the responsible organization. Additionally, the department will furnish some supplies and equipment to aid with general cleanup efforts and provide staff assistance in carrying out the program.

“The Council’s creation of the Adopt-A-Road Program leverages a tried and true initiative to bolster efforts to beautify and keep our city clean,” said Odie Donald II, city manager. “A clean city positively  affects the environment, preserves nature, and supports tourism boosting economic development.  Tourists and businesses are attracted to clean cities and the Adopt-A-Road Program ultimately increases the quality of life for our residents.”

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