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City Attorney: Council Will Not Have to Appear in Court

Starting yesterday, multiple news outlets reported that a motion of contempt had been filed against South Fulton’s city council, and that they’d been ordered to appear in court.

The motion was filed by an attorney representing former South Fulton municipal court judge Tiffany Sellers, who was terminated in March. She’s since taken legal action against the city. The motion for contempt was based on claims by her attorney that the council had missed a deadline to turn over a document.

Tonight, during the council’s regular meeting, South Fulton’s city attorney Emilia Walker addressed the media reports. She confirmed that a motion for contempt was filed by Sellers’ attorney on July 3, but that the city had not been served in that action.

Walker also disclosed that a notice of hearing was received by her office on July 8. She and attorneys from her firm, Fincher Denmark LLC, responded with a 24-page memorandum to the court explaining that the council had not committed any wrongdoing and requesting that the court deny the motion.

As a result, the motion for contempt was denied by a Superior Court judge, and the council will not be forced to appear in court.

Sellers was terminated following allegations that she had created a hostile work environment. As part of her legal action against the city, she filed an ethics complaint against Walker. The complaint was heard by the South Fulton Board of Ethics. It was dismissed without prejudice on July 1.

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