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City’s ‘Compliance’ Event Series Aims to Help Residents Avoid Citations and Fines

In May, the city of South Fulton hosted “The Power of Compliance” at Welcome All Park, bringing residents and department heads together to address common questions about code violations and new city regulations. Today at noon, Shayla Reed, director of the Department of Community Development and Regulatory Affairs will host a webinar on the same topics.

The event series was created to help residents increase their knowledge of processes and procedures related to planning and zoning, land disturbances, building inspections, business licenses, sanitation requirements, animal control and the city’s new SeeClickFix app.

Reed’s goal is to demonstrate how these regulations promote quality of life and protect property values. She also wants to help residents avoid fines that are assessed when these regulations are violated. She says many of the residents who are cited don’t actually realize that they are In violation.

“Residents are being cited for things like high grass, junk vehicles and properties that are not being maintained,” said Reed. “However, many of the individuals who are being cited don’t actually know that they are doing anything wrong.”

In addition to providing information for potential violators, Reed says it’s also important for citizens to be familiar with the city’s ordinances and regulations so that they know what types of issues should be reported. For those who feel uncomfortable filing a complaint against a neighbor, she says they can do so via the city’s SeeClickFix app anonymously.

“I encourage that,” said Reed. “The only way to move forward is if we’re all working together to make our code enforcement officers aware of issues in our communities.”

Citizens can tune in today to participate in the “Power of Compliance” webinar via their phone, laptop, tablet and other electronic devices.

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