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South Fulton PRCA to Hold Master Plan Open House on Jan. 29

The City of South Fulton Parks, Recreation and Cultural Affairs Department (PRCA) and the Parks and Recreation System Master Plan Consulting Team will hold an open house on Jan. 29. Residents are invited to attend.

Residents will be able to learn more about the citywide Parks, Recreation and Cultural Affairs Master Plan and provide ideas for how its findings may relate to individual parks. They also will be able to give input about specific improvements they would like at their parks.

“The purpose of the parks master plan is to identify the needs and priorities of the community from a parks and recreation standpoint, and look at ways to enhance the parks system as well as programs in the community,” said Carlos Perez, the consultant leading the effort.

Early findings revealed that two of the most used recreation assets in the city are Welcome All Park and Wolf Creek Amphitheater. More than one-third of residents responded that needed improvements are a barrier to using the city’s recreation facilities. And more than 50 percent of residents said that they’ve not taken advantage of programs because they don’t know what’s being offered.

Thus far, consultants are recommending the city’s parks, recreation and cultural affairs department sustain and improve performance in the areas that have been identified as high priorities by residents. Those areas include paved multi-purpose trails, indoor fitness centers, restrooms at parks, sidewalks, swimming classes, senior leisure programs, wellness programs and special events.

With proper social distancing protocols in place, the open house will take place Saturday, Jan. 29, from 9 a.m. until 5 p.m. at the Welcome All Park Multipurpose Facility. Guests will be required to wear masks.

“The plan identifies the needs of our parks and sets a vision for the entire system. Now, we need residents to help us bring this vision to fruition,” said Travis Landrum, director of parks, recreation and cultural affairs.

To ensure the safety and wellbeing of residents and staff, those planning to attend are asked to register at www.cosfparksopenhouse.eventbrite.com. However, registration is not required.

Photo: Carlos Perez has led the effort along with the South Fulton PRCA to develop the city’s first parks master plan.

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